Prevent Financial Waste and Internal Fraud

Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations

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Financial Waste

Unnecessary or duplicate payments and invoices caused by inadequate financial system controls.

Internal Fraud

Wrongful or criminal deception resulting in financial or personal gain including false representation of fact.


Improper use of a process, system, or non-compliance with company policy or regulatory requirements.

Why 3rdegree?

We have more than a decade experience working with CFOs and Financial professionals helping to protect their businesses from financial waste and internal fraud.

Experienced Professionals

We’ve worked with organisations in most industries, defining the most effective approaches to the biggest problems

Client Driven

Developed and continually improved by working alongside clients to create real solutions for real-world problems

Time to Value

We’re focused on implementation and delivery of value measured in days, not weeks or months

"Having anti-fraud controls in place results in lower fraud losses and quicker fraud detection."
The ACFE, 2022 Report to the Nations
"An employee set up a business and began sub-contracting out the tasks his employer was paying him to do. Ultimately paying for the same services twice."
KPMG NZ, Fraud Barometer 2022
"New processes or procedures are implemented without appropriate testing or rigour, and can lead to control gaps that can be exploited by staff."
PwC, Global Economic Crime & Fraud Survey 2022
"The most common fraud scheme across every global region was corruption with a typical fraud case lasting 12 months before detection."
The ACFE, 2022 Report to the Nations

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Supplier Due Diligence, Conflict of Interest detection and Organisation research

Over 50% of internal fraud loss is never recovered

It’s no longer about detecting financial loss after it has occurred, it needs to be prevented from happening in the first place. With our approach, unusual activity is surfaced before it can develop into actual financial loss.


Detect, prevent and investigate threats of waste, fraud and abuse using the most effective software platform in the market today. Developed alongside client organizations to solve real-world problems while providing the most value possible. 


3rdegree™ is currently offering the Guardian pilot programme to a very limited number of organizations. Let us analyze your data, identify immediate threats and collaborate with you to customize Guardian to meet your specific business needs. Register your interest now!

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