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Search, visualise and understand business relationships using Discover – a real-time, easy to use, network analysis platform. Visualise organisation history, shareholdings, relationship links and so much more. All data is publicly available, updated hourly and sourced from the New Zealand Companies Office (NZCO).

  • Search by individual, address, email or business
  • Vet new suppliers, clients, contractors or employees
  • Identify potential conflicts of interest
  • Monitor persons/businesses of interest
  • Visualise links between any entity
  • Build, save, export and share visual networks
  • Research entity history and relationships
  • Check shareholdings and ultimate ownership
  • Instantly identify connected parties by entering two or more search terms

The connections may surprise you!

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What people say

“As a business owner in the finance industry, we use Discover to vet all our new employees to identify potential conflicts of interests and to ensure compliance.”
“When we needed to make a decision on hiring a builder for renovations to our house, Discover came in really handy, it’s amazing what insights it revealed.”
“Being in Liquidation services, Discover is an absolute must have tool. We’re able view the full picture of any entity we are working on.”

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